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QuestionFelicity should siphon money from whoever is left on the list, included isabel roschev to keep the arrow cave going. Oliver should get a job at big belly washing dishes, where he deserves to be or jail. Just a suggestion. Answer


All good suggestions. I’m sure this will be one of the things the show never addresses. 


But Big Belly is a fast food joint, they don’t really serves food in actual dishes. There would be no dish washing job there. 


Oliver being Felicity’s knight in shinning armour



Felicity belongs in leather the field. (◡‿◡✿) 

She always looks amazing but this loosely tied hair and leather clad look was doing wonders for my Khaleesi.


The train clicked and clacked its way over the tracks, the side to side motion of the car was eventually bearable, even for a young woman who was already nauseous at the thought of leaving her old life behind. Her father long gone, and her mother newly dead, she’d been craving something…….

this is so precious! Will we the rest of it? I love John/Felicity broTP in all universes.


Laurel/Sarah/Oliver - Robert/Isabel/Oliver. Do you have a problem writers?

Is your mantra “keep it in the family” or something ?

Yes, please explain. 


It may be an unpopular and uncool opinion but Arrow is taking this weird interwoven sexual web to a new level of crazy, even for a CW show and that is saying something.

Mama Queen had a child with husband’s best friend. Daddy Queen probably had some kids on the side and they will pop up in seasons to come. Oliver’s little half brothers and sisters. Oliver Queen shared a lover with the said dead daddy (major ewwww). The Lance sisters play this back and forth with Oliver’s dick and you never really who he will end up with at the end of the episode (hugging your sister’s boy who happens to be your ex and telling him he is important is fifty shades of weird for me but then I am not cool like that).

You also have Thea who finally acknowledge that she has two half brothers and that she tried to kiss one of them and is feeling yucky about it (only sane person besides Felicity and Diggle this episode). 

For all we know, in future, they will say that Malcom Merlyn had an affair with Sara’s mom and now Sara is Tommy and Thea’s half sister and that Tommy’s mom had an affair with Quentin Lance and was actually killed by Malcolm Merlyn when he figured out. 

In contrast to that, we have Felicity. Almost virginal and pure. Everyone is getting laid besides Felicity (we get to hear about dead people and their affairs) and that makes me very unhappy. That girl needs some romance in her life. 


Felicity + broken heart

Even though I am a very strong supporter of Olicity, she looks more heartbroken about Barry & Iris. Poor girl, somebody give her a hug and some ice-cream. 


Oliver: McKenna, Helena, Laurel, Isabel (sex only), and Sara

Laurel: Tommy and Oliver (and dated Sebastian Blood)

Sara: Nyssa and Oliver

Diggle: Carly and Lyla

Thea: That kid in Season 1 Oliver walked in on her with and Roy

Moira: Walter

Roy: Thea 

Felicity: NONE (Barry doesn’t count; they never even kissed and he went into a coma before they could even go on their first date).

Really, Arrow?

Don’t forget Shado in the island for Oliver. He managed to nab a girl even when they were fighting for survival. There were two gents by the name Malcolm Merlyn and Robert Queen in the past for Moira Queen as well. Just about everyone was getting some except Felicity and Quentin Lance but at least Lance was shown to have a functional relationship with his wife in the past. Poor Felicity is the girl who has never been kissed. 




IO9’s review of last night’s Arrow had this comment which I thinks sums it perfectly. 

Sara is the Black Canary

Laurel is the Blackmail Canary. 

I mean she got her job back through blackmail, got her dad out of jail through some more manipulation, I have a feeling she will get Ollie back through some clever blackmail because there were just two men in Starling City, Tommy and Ollie and with Tommy dead, Ollie has to be there for every woman! 

Let’s not forget she got Oliver the first time through treachery to her sister!

Having Laurel accomplish things through blackmail seems a deliberate choice on the part of the writers. Maybe it is hinting towards a darker turn for Laurel. Someone who’s willing to use intimidation and manipulation to achieve her goals. would certainly make her more interesting if she was a villain. 

Nah, the Arrow writers are too much of a chicken to go there. I was expecting Tommy to go dark after the stunt Oliver pulled on him last season ( telling him to go get his girl and then sleeping with her right in front of the window) but no, instead of making him an heir of Daddy Merlyn, they killed him off. Similarly, they are saying Laurel is Oliver’s Lois even though the only logical place for her to be connected to this universe is if she goes dark, like real dark.