He is so good at deflecting questions without refusing to answer anything. Excellent spokesman for the show. 

This photo is too hot for words. 


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Felicity flinched when she heard the door slam, and she instinctively closed her eyes when she heard what was bound to be Oliver’s angry footsteps stomping towards her.

He clutched a large and warm hand on her shoulder and tightened, and it was all she could do to not whimper right there. She would not be intimidated. She had the upper hand here.


Strengthening her resolve, she opened her eyes and came face to face with one really angry vigilante. She gulped when she practically saw the hot angry steam coming out of his ears but the tightening grip on her shoulder prevented her from cracking any jokes.

He glared stared at her for a few minutes and the silence felt unnerving. It wasn’t until her fingers started shaking so badly that she thought that they were going to come off that he finally spoke.

“You think that was funny?”

In fact she did, but she didn’t think he’d appreciate that and right now her shoulder was starting to cramp.

His lips tightened before stepped closer to her, still crouched in the same position that kept their faces at the same eye level. She could feel the warmth radiating off his body and tried not to shiver in response.

“The cops went after Cora. In fact…” He huffed out a laugh, “It was like they knew to look for me.” He used the hand clutching her shoulder to bring her closer to him until she could feel his breath on her lips.

“Now how did they know that Felicity?” he asked quietly, his voice in a low growl yet it sounded like it was echoing around the room.

She steeled her resolve and glared right back at him. “Maybe you should give the cops more credit.”

The corner of his lip curled upwards into a small smirk and the movement drew her eye. She quickly flicked her eyes back to his and inwardly cursed herself when she realized that he noticed.

He hummed. “No… I don’t think so. See, I think this was all you”, he said, poking his finger at her other shoulder. His grip on her right shoulder had lessened considerably, and she rolled it to get the blood flow back running. “So maybe you don’t give yourself enough credit.”

Oliver’s eyes had steeled over and she knew that his teasing was over.

“There’s a judicial system for a reason, Oliver” she chewed out. His eyes darkened immediately.

“All your talk of trust, yet you couldn’t even trust me for a minute?”

The shoulder grip was tightening again.

“Well maybe if you didn’t kidnap me first!”

“Sorry, should I have left a calling card?” he asked mockingly. “Hey Felicity, I know you’re the reason I’m in jail, but wanna help me out a little?”

“You’re in jail because you murdered people!”

“They deserved it!” Oliver yelled in her face, standing up and pushing Felicity slightly back from her place on the cot. He was breathing heavily and Felicity could feel her stomach dropping as she stared at him. She looked away from him and let her eyes fall to the floor, letting the sounds of his heavy panting echo in the room.

It felt like hours before he spoke again when the reality was that it couldn’t have been more than a few minutes.

“You were supposed to trust me Felicity.”

Felicity looked up at the sound of his pained voice. He… He actually looked like he was hurt? Were psychopaths capable of that? He had to be faking. Oh God he was probably faking.

He stepped closer to her cot and she pushed herself back until her back was plastered against the wall. He leaned down to face her again and cupped her cheek, his thumb brushing at the skin under her eye.

“We had a deal”, he whispered quietly to her. “We would go through the list, one by one, and I wouldn’t kill anyone. And if they didn’t listen to my warning, I’ll even leave them for the cops to arrest while you find enough on them to send them to jail for life. That was the plan, remember?”

Felicity couldn’t remember anything while he was so close to her, caressing her as if she was a…was a lover or something. And actually, that… that didn’t sound like such a bad plan. Why didn’t she agree to it before? She gulped, feeling a heavy weight in her chest as the room around her spun.

“Why didn’t you stick with the plan after you promised?” he asked again, clutching her cheek and bringing her face closer to his again. Felicity tried to breathe but struggled to let any air in while he was so close.

“You don’t break promises Felicity.” He looked at her deploringly. “You don’t. Understand?”

Felicity blinked, before nodding.

“So…” he said quietly, leaning away from her and Felicity could finally breathe again. He handed her the tablet that he had brought with him but she evidently hadn’t noticed. He came close to her again and caressed her neck lovingly and she felt the breath leave her again.

“Why don’t we try this again?”

okay this is crazy good. I like this sociopath Oliver a lot :) 

Starburst Magazine - September 2014 (x)

If Emily ends up producing a comedy like The Mindy Project or Broadcity, I think I will die a very happy death. 
Starburst Magazine - September 2014 (x)

If Emily ends up producing a comedy like The Mindy Project or Broadcity, I think I will die a very happy death.

Starburst Magazine - September 2014 (x)

OMG! If Emily ends up producing a comedy like The Mindy Project or Broadcity, I think I will die a very happy death.

failtryagainfailagainfailbetter replied to your post: Why does not one ever invites Emily Be…

Right now she’s probably busy shooting. But I’ve been wondering the same thing - it seems the whole whole cast gets promoted (cons, interviews) except for her, even though it’s just as much her season as it’s Thea’s, Roy’s and LLs. It’s annoying.

But this is Sunday? Surely she is not working on Sunday. 

And then we have New York Con and a million other cons that everyone else is attending except for Emily. The only place I was assured that we would get Emily on the panel was SDCC and they did not even take her there. It is JUST SAD!. 

Do they have ANY idea how popular Felicity is? 

Stephen Amell apparently has won Fan Expo in Toronto today. The whole Lance clan plus, Manu Bennet, Katrina Law and the guy who play Anatoli are in Atlanta for Dragon Con. The only one who does not get invited to these events is Emily Bett Rickards who is probably just as famous as Stephen Amell from the show. 

What do we have to do to get more public appearances from Emily, she must that she is adored by hundreds and thousands of fans across the globe! 


"There is one woman in Oliver’s life this year .. It’s Felicity .. "
"The ship has sailed on those romances , I don’t think we’ll ever see Oliver and Sara or Oliver and Laurel together again" 

I NEED October 8 To COME NOW !!

This video still gets me. I am no emotional about Olicity, it is not even normal. 

make me choose: anonymous asked: derek hale or peter hale

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“You’ve got an awfully kissable mouth.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald


You’ve got an awfully kissable mouth.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald


Met stephen amell at fan expo. Had to get an olicity pic signed. He told me that he thought there needed to be more olicity scenes in season three. :)